Want to do more to pressure candidates
to take the pledge?

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Our government should be working for us, not Exxon and the Koch Brothers. Use our organizer toolkit to work with your community to pressure candidates in your area to pledge to reject fossil fuel money and protect our climate.

Download the organizer’s toolkit and start making a difference.

Kansas City City Councilman Jonathan Duncan of Missouri signs the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge with Sunrise activists in 2023.

Jody Bernstein signs the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge in 2024 with local supporters when running for Congress in California’s 16th district

Texas State Representative Ana-Maria Ramos signs the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge in 2020.

Check out our organizing toolkit!

In this toolkit, we will cover:

  • Why the pledge matters
  • How to get a candidate to sign the pledge – in 5 easy steps
  • How to identify target candidates
  • How to ask candidates to sign
  • How to follow up – don’t forget this part!
  • FAQs for activists and candidates
  • Pledge resources and links